Member Bikes

Add a picture of your bike! To do so, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload an image (or a few) of your bike there.
  3. Get the "Direct Link"—copy it.
  4. Edit this page. In the editor, all the buttons above the text box are black and white except for two… Pick the one on the right, with the sparkle. Click it.
  5. Paste the direct link you copied before in the text field now before you. Without pressing any other options (other than "check it" if you want to make sure your link works), click "insert code".
  6. You will see some "code" appear in the editor box with [[]] around it. Move that to the bottom of the page, and add a little information beneath it. Images from here will be selected occasionally for the front page!
This is my bike, out for a ride in the Texas Hill Country. ~~~fintip
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