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Welcome to the XJbikes wiki! Like wikipedia, this website is editable by anyone. The goal is to create a place where all of the information spread throughout all the threads on XJbikes.com Forums can be easily found and streamlined. Here, anyone can add pictures to anyone else's articles, and instead of commenting on what could have been added or what you disagree with later on, requiring pages and pages of reading (and searching!), it can all be continually refined in one place. Disagreements? Questions about an article? Edit aggressively, but if you aren't sure about something, try asking on the forums… or even just adding the question onto the page itself, to be edited by someone else more knowledgeable later.

So join on here with the same username you use on xjbikes, and edit away! If you do research on a topic, please check in here and either create a page with the links you found, or if you're feeling generous, a walkthrough or some pasted text that you found helpful!

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XJ 650 Maxim
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To make a new page:

Just to the left, in the sidebar, there is a section called "pages." You can type in a page there, and click "new page" to begin making it.

Alternatively: right now you can see in the address bar that you are at "xjbikes.wikidot.com/start". Replace "start" with whatever page you want to create, and it will take you to a new page and give you the option to do so! So, if I wanted to make a page on the XJ transmission, I would type "xjbikes.wikidot.com/the-transmission" (always use "-" in place of spaces) and press enter, and then click the link on the page it brings me to.

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A ride on an '82 650 Maxim (Skip to 1 minute mark):

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Featured Article: The-List

Bigfitz' famous list! Here's what you do with a new bike, Bigfitz style.

Featured Article: Buy-Guide

How to go about the process of buying an XJ—make sure you don't get taken!

An award-winning '83 XJ900RK Seca
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