weak coils?

I just picked up a 85 xj700 maxim. The seller believed the carbs to be out of whack doe to the engine running super rich. I work on lawn mowers as a side job and I believe that both coils are bad and not the carbs. Spark is in time and the bike does start but the spark is so weak in comparison to a mower or a car. I can hold on to any of the 4 plug wires and crank the bike and the jolt is laughable. Do these coils just get weak with age or from possibly someone leaving the key on? I thought that they either worked or didn't. I even ran an independent 12v+ wire to the coils to check them because the keyed voltage was only 10.5v. DO I GO AHEAD AND BUY 2 BRAND NEW COILS??? I DONT WANT TO GO WITH USED ONES OFF EBAY.

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